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Body polisher
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Body polisher


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Experience the ultimate pampering with our Bree Body Polisher. Indulge in the sweet and refreshing sensation as it effortlessly buffs away dry, dead skin, leaving your skin irresistibly baby soft. Crafted with raw cane sugar, it scrubs and exfoliates, revealing smooth, radiant skin. Enriched with pure cold-pressed oils like shea butter, olive oil, and grapeseed oil, it enhances skin elasticity for a youthful glow.

Reasons to love:
De-tanning Power: Effectively de-tans the skin, leaving it brighter and more even-toned.
Gentle Exfoliation: Removes dead skin cells gently, revealing smoother and more radiant skin.
Deep Penetration: Penetrates deeply to detoxify and re-energize the skin, promoting a healthy glow from within.
Youthful Glow: Enriched with shea butter, olive oil, and grapeseed oil, it enhances skin elasticity for a youthful appearance.

Suitable for:
Individuals looking to brighten and moisturize their skin while indulging in a pampering experience.
All skin types, especially those with dry or dull skin in need of exfoliation and hydration.
Those who enjoy natural skincare products with nourishing ingredients for a radiant complexion.

•Shea butter: To reduce signs of ageing and to get plumped skin
•Olive Oil: For deep hydrations and gentle exfoliation and to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
•Grapeseed Oil: To lighten acne scars and even the skin tone.

How to use:
Wet your body in the shower or bath.
Apply the Bree Body Polisher to damp skin, focusing on areas that need extra attention.
Gently scrub in circular motions for a few minutes, allowing the raw cane sugar to exfoliate the skin.
Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
Follow up with Bree’s nourishing body Lotion to soothe and tighten pores.

For best results, use twice a week to maintain a radiant complexion. Optional: Pair with Bree Tonic Mist for an indulgent skincare experience.


Beach Vibes, Cherry On Top, Coffee Date

2 reviews for Body polisher

  1. Kishan

    Tried it and loved it, Amazing product

  2. Shivani

    Every time i use this body polisher my skin literally feels baby soft. My favourite one is cherry on top it smells like heaven.

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