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Moisturising +hydrating face wash
(1 customer review)

Moisturising +hydrating face wash


• Gently moisturises and hydrates the skin.

• Provides naturally nourished and healthy-looking skin.

• Protects skin from urban stress.

• Removes dead skin cells and gently exfoliates.

• Leaves your skin fresh, soft and supple.


Love this Ultra-mild, hydrating face wash for clean, healthy & hydrated.
Bree face wash Gently cleanses skin of dirt, oil, makeup & sunscreen without overdrying. Boosts skin’s moisture level with every wash. Repairs & restores skin’s moisture barrier.

1 review for Moisturising +hydrating face wash

  1. Shivani

    A must have for dry skin.
    My skin gets extremely dry in winters and this face wash doesn’t strip natural moisture from my skin and still manages to cleanse my skin properly.

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