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Body Care Essentials Hamper

Body Care Essentials Hamper

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Endless Magic Shower Gel
As you embrace the tiny walnut scrub particles, feel your skin come alive with renewed energy and a luminous glow
a fusion of Vitamin C, refreshing long lasting fragrance, glycerine and invigorating ACB fruit mix extract

Body polisher
made with raw can sugar to scrub and exfoliate the skin and to leave it smooth and shiny. The pure cold pressed oils will help to improve skin elasticity. The gentle scrub granules will help in deep cleansing and removing the pollution and dirt from the skin.

Body lotion
Bree’s body lotion will leave your skin plump, smooth and luxuriously quenched
it will help in diminishing wrinkles, Creases and other signs of aging. It creates a defensive barrier over the skin to lock in moisture and provides soft skin.


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